The Last Italian Cowboys

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Alberese, in the Tuscan Maremma, is home to the last three remaining butteri, the last Italian cowboys, heroic men who still rear cattle in the wild, living examples of the possibility of redemption between humans and nature. The eyes of these men and their animals reflect the feeling they have of living a life with meaning, a life that they will never give up. Two young men have joined the group to learn this traditional craft, a tough job that few can do. Only one of them will make it. The future of this ancient world will lie in his hands.

How to change the world

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Nel 1971 un gruppo di amici ha veleggiato in una zona di test nucleari e la loro protesta ha attirato l’attenzione dell’opinione pubblica in tutto il mondo: è la nascita di Greenpeace e del movimento ambientalista moderno. Esperti comunicatori, questi pionieri hanno filmato fin dall’inizio le loro azioni di protesta: utilizzando il materiale d’archivio e l’impertinente narrazione di Robert Hunter, una delle prime guide dell’organizzazione, Jerry Rothwell ha realizzato un avvincente film, che è anche una toccante riflessione sullo sforzo per bilanciare la sfera politica con quella personale.

Waste Mandala

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In the collective imaginary, Nepal is a land of pristine nature, temples and sacred sites. Few people are acquainted with the other side of the picture: a land devastated by plastic and rubbish generated by mass tourism and the rapid spread of consumption in a civilization that is still archaic. Starting in 2011, a group of volunteers began gathering the trash abandoned on the peaks of the Himalayas and in Nepal’s sacred areas. They are known as the Green Soldiers, an army led by Achut Gurung, who, like a Bollywood version of Don Quixote, battles the mountains of plastic under which indifference, scorn, ignorance and, above all, a gradual and inexorable loss of cultural identity are hiding.