What Remains is Mermanat

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High in the mountains of Turkey, the only two children in a small village cultivate a close relationship with a 82-year old neighbour, Nokta, while their mother cuts tea in the nearby fields. Seasons pass, but when the children’s father returns to the village with plans to move his family, Nokta’s future is cast in doubt.

What Remains is Mermanat presents a visually stunning portrait of a cross-generational friendship and a fading way of life. It’s an ode to simplicity without exclamation marks and brings in front of our eyes a Turkish reality that is rarely reported.

Hit the road, nonna

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From a town of steelworkers in the wounded heart of postwar Europe to the lavish glamour of the jet set, Hit the Road, granny! tells an eccentric and incredible life story set in the world of international fashion. Born in a French village from a family of poor Italian immigrants, Delia Ubaldi grew up to… Read more »