We’re glad to announce that Berta Film is a new member of EDN’s family and CNA’s system!

European Documentary Network is a global network for professionals working with documentary film and TV. Around 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN. Our organisation is open for both newcomers and established filmmakers from around the world.

EDN started in September 1996 as a documentary organisation for filmmakers, producers, production companies, distributors, associations, film institutions & boards, universities, festivals, broadcasters and film & television agencies.




On March 2017 Toscana Film Network has joint CNA Toscana, creating CNA Cinema Toscana. Stefano Mutolo (Berta Film’s CEO) has been elected Coordinator of CNA CINEMA TOSCANA.

CNA CINEMA is the audiovisual sector of CNA, National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, for over sixty years represents and protects the interests of small businesses, SMEs and all forms of self-employment. The mission of the CNA is to give value to handicrafts and small and medium enterprises, promoting their development and their economic and social progress. This objective is pursued through a structured and widespread, a company that offers integrated services and personalized advice to businesses, a modern structure that provides its members with support, information and solutions.
In Tuscany, the CNA associated with more than 45,000 companies, in addition to 40,000 pensioners (overwhelmingly former entrepreneurs) and can count on a very widespread dissemination of the organization that is structured in a regional headquarters, 10 provincial locations, 200 local offices and more than 1000 people every day assist and attend alongside businesses in the major urban centers and in the smallest villages.
These features make the CNA the leading association representing the business system in Tuscany.