In a remote town of Argentina, home remedies replace traditional medicine. All diseases are treated by the villagers except a mortal fear known as espanto, the dread. This rare illness can only be cured by an old man who very few dares to visit. The Dread is an investigative human interest documentary stuffed with strong humour and outstanding protagonists.

The Dread was awarded as best documentary at IDFA 2017 competition for Mid-Length Documentary.


a unique film that distinguishes itself by the congruence of it’s form, perfectly fitted to it’s content. Via a high quality cinematography and a thoroughly tailored editing of voices and situations, it offers us a perspective onto a world and community unknown to us, with outstanding protagonists, strong humor, and it becomes a mirror of how we all deal with our own superstitions about our own health, bodies, and mortality. The film comprises some of the most surprising scenes of this competition: indeed, in a world saturated with modern pharmacology, who does not want to be cured by a frog?” -IDFA Jury report