The Gaza Strip. Something inexplicable happened overnight: dozens of manta rays got beached. Fishermen pushing carts flock to the shores to grab as many as they can. Meanwhile the city wakes up. Antar urges the brother to wake up: it’s a big day for him, he will be recording his first album that afternoon. Noor is putting her make up on, she will be appearing in front of the cameras. Jabber is already in the field, surrounded by gunfire. A demonstration is marching down the streets. Moemen is there to do his job: he is a photographer. A boat returns to the harbor, its hull is riddled by bullet holes. The muezzin’s call to prayer echoes is the air, multiplied by the minarets. The members of the Parkour Team twirl around in a cemetery like in a dream.

It’s an ordinary day in an extraordinary area.