One day retired postman from Zarzis, Tunisia, while looking for material for his sculptures, finds the body of a migrant on the beach. Without asking too many questions, he decides to give the migrant a proper burial, causing controversies in his community.

On the other shore of the Mediterranean, in Lampedusa, Vincenzo is experiencing the same epiphany. He works as a guard of the Lampedusa cemetery with care and patience, dealing mainly with bureaucracy and maintenance. Vincenzo then decides to bury the migrants brought by the sea by himself, building a new area of the Lampedusa cemetery and registering each body with numbered wooden crosses. Such a choice will cause criticisms among the religious community. One day, Vincenzo receives a letter in French, written by an unknown sender, who, like him, has decided to bury the nameless bodies coming from the sea. Vincenzo, who is illiterate, has the letter translated and helped by his wife, answers to his Tunisian soulmate.

Shores is an observational documentary that describes in a powerful and poetic way the Mediterranean migration tragedy through two of the most unlikely protagonists.