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Roma Termini, Rome’s central station, Italy’s busiest station, with 480,000 passengers in transit everyday.

Amongst the passing crowd lives a group of men and women for whom the station is not a point of transit, but an immense, anonymous home. This city within the city hosts these people and helps them get by with what little they have.

Four stories of men in a free fall, that find themselves at the edges of society. Slowly becoming invisible: not Stefano, Angelo, Tonino, Gianluca, but just another anonymous homeless guy.



ANGELO: My father always told me: “My son, when I’m gone you will be the true
prince. You are noble, you have everything. But don’t believe that money can give you
happiness. Let it go. Remain as you are and you’ll be okay.”


MERY: I can only accept perfect love.
STEFANO: Have you ever experienced unconditional love in your life? Never ever?
Everybody has loved somebody.
MERY: I didn’t.
STEFANO: You never loved anybody? Not even your mom and dad?
MERY: They ruined my whole life! Never mind.
TONINO: Unconditional love is an utopian idea for me.
STEFANO: Maybe it’s just rare…
TONINO: No, it doesn’t exist. If you studied philosophy you know very well that
unconditional love doesn’t exist, that’s Platonic love. You know it if you studied Kant.
STEFANO: Kant… I Kant remember.