A journey lasting one day, twenty-four hours with artist Fausto Delle Chiaie, a pioneer of Street Art and founder of the Manifesto Infrazionista. A man with fiery eyes and a thick beard who, on the threshold of turning seventy, has one mission before him: to introduce all those people who never set foot in a museum to contemporary art.

After years of wandering outside of Italy, Fausto settled in Rome. A shopping cart is his atelier and Piazza Augusto Imperatore his exhibition space. Director’s statement Talking to Fausto, I got the impression that time was standing still, while he sought to understand whether I had given adequate importance to the title and his work, and kept checking to make sure I didn’t steal his box of offerings. “Exhibiting on the street means leaving yourself open to certain risks” he explained with a smile.

His works had nothing to do with museums, but not because of the space, but because it didn’t make sense.