“It’s difficult to search for migrants in the forest. You never know, whether they are aggressive, infected, or if they have any contagious disease. You are in the midst of the forest and you are following some fresh footprints, and you know there are several people out there, but what you don’t know is who you will meet exactly. This is scary”
– Shandor, migrant hunter, Hungary.

Amid a migrant crisis, economic stagnation and growing disillusionment with the European Union, far-right parties are gaining consent in Europe. Either by winning elections or by pulling a besieged political center in its direction, the far-right ideas are becoming the new normal. From Hungary to Germany, France to Austria, Poland, Slovachia, Italy, Greece and Belgium among others, this current affairs documentary turn its lenses on the people and policymakers behind far-right parties. On the election year of two European key nations, France and Germany, and in the after wave of global populist outburst in form of Brexit and Donald Trump, Far Right shows the flipside of European liberal politics and values.