Eco de Femmes is a medium-length documentary, a choral film about life experiences, work and professional hopes of six women who live and work in different rural zones between Morocco and Tunisia. Women living in Maghreb rural areas correspond to more than 35% of the female population, and they represent between 70% and 90% of the labor force in agriculture. Almost all agricultural labor is the re- sult of their work, but the resulting wealth is never distributed among women.

Zina, Cherifa, Halima, Fatima, Mina and Jamila have one big goal all together: to develop their business by creating and developing agricultural cooperatives, where ancient agricultural and handicraft knowledges by women are transformed into productive skills, aimed to build new products for the market.

The characters of Eco de Femmes can not and do not want to work alone: they have involved in all of their business projects other female workers, sometimes they are their sisters, cousins or just neighbors. The desire to build and share their business with other women does not arise only from production needs: the protagonists of Eco de Femmes want to free themselves from exploitation, unemployment and illiteracy, to gain this goal all women must be involved in this process, because emancipation must be collective.