Four seperate episodes, co-written and produced by acclaimed director Paolo Virzì and directed by four up-and-coming directors who are graduates of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
Stories and anecdotes about the soccer world come to light in a bitter sweet comedy.


Poster 4-4-42


In the BEST OF MARADONA by Michele Carrillo Mister/NINO D’ANGELO takes a young Neapolitan soccer whiz to Turin, but the young boy has trouble adjusting to the strict locker room rules and harsh athletic discipline. He suffers from being so far away from his own world of mischievous escapades and playful ways.

The episode LA DONNA DEL MISTER, directed by Claudio Cupellini, talks about women’s soccer. The Lazio trainer (ROLANDO RAVELLO) not only must watch out for his rivals but also for his centerforward (FRANCESCA INAUDI) who unrelentelessly chases after his bride to be.

In BALONDÒR by Francesco Lagi, (GIGIO ALBERTI) a pathetic small change agent takes a semi clandestine african boy to Milan, as he seems to be a promising player.

Last but not least, VALERIO MASTANDREA plays the part of a player on the rise who in the THIRD GOALEE, directed by Roan Johnson, is not used to being kept on the bench. He is even less happy about being kept away from the podium.


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