Berta Film is an international film distribution company with a strong focus in documentaries. As international sales agent and executive producer we carefully select quality titles, promote their value and bring them to as wide an audience as possible.

Our films have been selected by leading international festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Academy Awards, Hot Docs, Idfa, Sheffield, Visions Du Réel, Festival del Film Locarno, Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia, Torino Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, Biografilm Festival and Festival dei Popoli.

With an average of 15 new completed films and series every year and 5 projects in development, Berta Film has represented more than 90 titles in the last 5 years and sells its films to more than 60 buyers around the world.

Since 2012 we’ve been attending the main markets and pitching forums around the world, such as Mipcom, IDFA, Cannes, Hotdocs, Leipzig Dok, Visions du Reel, MIA, Locarno, Visioni dal Mondo, Bio To B (Biografilm), DIG Awards and Italian Doc Screenings.

Berta Film also provides advisory services, in particular in business development, consultation, domestic theatrical distribution, domestic and foreign sales


Selected titles:

-Piigs (2017) with Willem Dafoe and Noam Chomski
-The Opposition (2016) IDFA/HOTDOCS Official Selection
-No Borders (2016) VR Doc Award-Winning at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia
-How to change the world (2015) Award-winning at HOTDOCS/SUNDANCE/SHEFFIELD
-Cutie and the boxer (2013) Oscar nominee
-India’s Daughter di Leslee Udwin-BBC (2014)
-Trashed withJeremy Irons (2012) Cannes Film Festival
-Magicarena (2015)
-Hit the road,granny (2011) Mostra del Cinema di Venezia


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